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You can now buy prints from Beyond Exif  through Shoot Proof. All prints are limited edition and will be signed and numbered on the back. I don't like to put a watermark or signature on the front because I think it detracts from the image. All prints will be made by a professional photo lab on Kodak Professional Metallic paper.

Each image will have a limited run of 25 prints.

Pricing will be as follows:
4" X 6"        $6.99
8" X 12"      $19.99
6" X 18"      $29.99      This size is only good for wide panoramic shots such as the Moulton Barn
12" X 18"    $34.99
16" X 24"    $49.99

High Resolution Digital Downloads are also available.

Delivery will be in 7-10 business days

To order prints or digital downloads click here

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